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CAM Country

People Magazine, October, 2014

Now here is an artist on the fast track to the top of country music.


I just finished documenting her US Tour (our adventures in tour-doc/social media promotion are coming soon to the blog) but I'm eager to share some of her recent successes:  Sold-out shows, her single "Down This Road" on country radio, her singing at The Songwriter's Hall of Fame, and booking Stagecoach!


 < The Kickstarter campaign and Living Room Sessions video are getting a little attention too.


To learn more about Cam's tour, news and music, click on the link below:




Shauna Brittenham - Back in the blogs

Music Load, June 2014


This summer, Shauna contacted me to create a series of live performance videos of her recording session at The Fortress LA. She was interested in including a cover song, and I had just heard the new Black Keys single, Fever. The song was a great fit. Shauna ran with it and came up with a killer mashup between Fever and Sweet Dreams (The Eurythmics). 



'If you've ever had the chance to see in her person, you know how absolutely stunning, kind and understatedly humble she is. She has that intangible elusive "it" quality that you know is special.' 


Click to the left to read more.

Shauna Brittenham

Jacq Becker - In The Music Blogs

Flurt Magazine July 2013


The very talented Jacq Becker has been popping up on bunches of blogs, and our Meet The Artist video made it into Flurt!'s fall issue



"After one unusual night of doing absolutely nothing, I turned on my TV, to ION television. Criminal Minds – my favorite show (right next to History Channel’s “Decoded”) had just come onto commercial break.  They were playing this song during the commercial and the beat was too much to resist. I JUMPED on my computer, and I searched these lyrics “If he puts his fate in tender hands, that’s an honest man.” A similar question was asked on Yahoo! Answers, and I’d found that I could buy the song from iTunes… So I did. Eventually, I put the song up on youtube, and found that Ms. Becker had a channel of her own.


Click on the page to the left to read the full article, or head straight to Jacq's home page to hear more:


Joel Taylor - NME - First In Music News

NME, 2013

Joel is an amazing talent. The video, featured in NME this week, shows off a killer live performance of his original song "Someday." Thanks again to Melissa Dahl, Emily Isacson, Valente Bertelli and Anders Mouridsen for a fantastic night with great music and friends.


Give it a click on the left, or watch it on one of the following sites below:





Virgil Donati - Mini-Doc in the news

Pearl Magazine, 2013


Bend Bars/Lift Gates Productions is in Pearl Magazine! Thanks to Carl King, Virgil Donati and Mandee Burkman for an incredible experience. 



"And as if the album itself weren’t enough of a treasure, Virgil Donati has released a “making of” video of how In This Life came to be, including interviews of the musicians involved in regards to their most intimate observations on the music and their personal contributions, along with footage from the recording sessions."


Click on the photo to your left to read the article in full or to watch an excerpt of the video we shot. 


You can also check out the full mini-doc here:

Promo Video Becomes Official Vid for Site!, 2013



Sonuus is displaying our promo of its new, multi-functional pedal on its homepage. 


Click on the photo to the left to watch Anders Mouridsen show off all of the Wahoo's features.


You can also check it out on my Vimeo page here:

The Fantastic Toes are...Funded! $6,179!!!

Kickstarter, June, 2013

Three cheers for The Toes! This brilliant group of musicians has reached its goal. Now it's time for the mixing and mastering to commence. 


I'm so happy to have been able to direct this video for these wonderful folks. Tony was a delight to work with, and can't wait to listen to the finished project.


You can check out the campaign and keep up with the album's progress by clicking on the photo to the left. 


Or, check out the video on my Vimeo page here:

Kickstarter Staff Pick!

Kickstarter, June, 2013

We're a Kickstarter staff pick!!!


The Fantastic Toes are off and running with 28 days to go.


Click on the photo to the left to keep up with their progress!



Promo Video Sells Pedals Around Chicago

Peterson Strobe Tuners, 2013

Peterson Strobe Tuners is highlighting the Wahoo by Sonuus on their homepage, and our video is featured front and center!


Click to the left to read more about the pedal, or view the video here on my Vimeo page:

Drum Roll, please...Funded! $11,777!!!

Kickstarter, January, 2013

We made it!!!


Congrats to Cam for blowing past her goal of $10,000! She is immensely talented, driven and a joy to be around, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her. I feel blessed to have been able to work with her on her campaign. And, the video was so much fun to shoot!


Special thanks to Anders Mouridsen, Lindsay Marias, Tyler Johnson, Eman, and Jeff Bhasker (for the use of his studio!) and for a simply great time.


You can click to the left to see updates on the album's progress, or check out her video on my Vimeo page here:

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